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We provide unique and exclusive football services to production companies & advertising agencies.


We have a database of over 20,000 REAL footballers in London, including all nationalities, ages, genders, physique and skills.


We also can provide all football equipment.


Why should you look for actors when you can have real footballers?


We proudly provided football players, football referees, football coaches/managers and football spectators to feature in:


The FA cup Intro 2009-10 View Advert

Lucozade Sport Performance League View Advert

McDonald's World Cup 2006 View Advert

Adidas +10 View advert Part 1 - Part 2


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Adidas +10 Advert

Adidas +10, featuring Ashley Cole & Djibril Cisse, filmed at Bartlett Park, London E14 on Thursday 16th March 2006.



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ITV FA CUP Intro 2009-10


ITV FA CUP Intro 2009-10 – filmed at Black Island Studios,

Alliance Road, London W3 on Tuesday 6th October 2009


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Lucozade Sport Performance League Advert

Lucozade Sport Performance League – filmed at Hampstead Heath Extension, London NW11 on Wednesday 12th March 2008



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McDonald's World Cup 2006 Advert

McDonald's World Cup 2006, featuring Didier Drogba & David Trezeguet, filmed at Twickenham Stadium & Paris on Thursday 27th & Friday 28th April 2006.


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