London Football Midweek & Weekend Competitions Starting Soon
***** 2018-19 Midweek & Weekend Leagues *****

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Start DateSorted By Start Date In Ascending OrderSeasonFormatNameTypeMatch DayTimesDurationMatch FeeNotesAvailabilityDetails
11/06/2018Summer11-a-sideMidweekCupMon to Thu6pm to 9.30pm90 minsContact Us FULLInfo
11/06/2018Summer11-a-sideMidweekLeagueMon to Thu6pm to 9.30pm90 minsContact Us FULLInfo
25/06/2018Summer7-a-sideMaida ValeLeagueMonday6pm to 7.30pm45 mins£80.00 FULLInfo
26/06/2018Summer7-a-sideMaida ValeLeagueTuesday7.30pm to 9pm45 mins£85.00 FULLInfo
24/09/2018Autumn7-a-sideMaida ValeLeagueMonday6pm to 7.30pm45 mins£80.00 3 Spaces AvailableInfo
25/09/2018Autumn7-a-sideMaida ValeLeagueTuesday7.30pm to 9pm45 mins£85.00 1 Space AvailableInfo
26/09/2018Autumn5-a-sideMaida ValeLeagueWednesday7pm to 9pm40 mins£40.00 1 Space AvailableInfo
26/09/2018Autumn7-a-sideMaida ValeLeagueWednesday7.30pm to 9pm45 mins£85.00 3 Spaces AvailableInfo
01/10/2018Winter11-a-sideMidweekLeagueMon to Thu6pm to 9.30pm90 minsContact Us 1 Space AvailableInfo
06/10/2018Winter11-a-sideWeekendLeagueSaturday AM10.30am90 mins£42.00 1 Space AvailableInfo
06/10/2018Winter11-a-sideWeekendLeagueSaturday PM2pm90 mins£42.00 1 Space AvailableInfo
07/10/2018Winter11-a-sideWeekendLeagueSundayMix90 mins£42.00 1 Spaces AvailableInfo
05/11/2018Winter11-a-sideMidweekCupMon to Thu6pm to 9.30pm90 minsContact Us 1 Space AvailableInfo
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